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stephanie sheppard
Stephanie Sheppard
Diploma in Fashion Design 1978
Bachelor of Arts, Education 1989

I have always enjoyed drawing and painting. It has only been later in life when I have had the luxury of more free time, and meeting fellow artists who have encouraged me to really get into it. Most of my work reflects inspiration from my environment i.e. Africa, Kazakhstan, and some inspiration from my previous life as a fashion artist. During the past 2-3 years I have taken the opportunity to study at the London Atelier of Representation Art (LARA) where I have found a new passion that is portraiture. My portrait pieces are those of which I am most proud.

My Style...

One of the struggles if I can call it that, is defining the type of artist I want to become and with my previous background being fashion drawing and design, lures me back at times to produce pieces that are more akin to graphic art. I refer to these as my fashion pieces. However my newfound love for classic portraiture using classic painting methods is where I will no doubt use my skills in most the work in the future.

My Inspiration...

I am a person who generally reacts creatively to the surroundings in which I find myself. Therefore living in colourful countries such as Angola, and in contrast the most intriguing landscape, buildings and lifestyle of Kazakhstan, I have been truly inspired. As well as that, I travel a lot and take the opportunity to visit galleries to observe the masters and current exhibitions, and I have an extensive collection of art books for referencing


Perth, Western Australia 

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