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Stephanie Sheppard
 Diploma in Fashion Design 1978, Bachelor of Arts in Education 1989


Stephanie Sheppard is a Western Australian multi-media artist with a predominant interest in portraiture. She works with a variety of mediums including oil, acrylic, pastels and charcoal, and printmaking. She enjoys working directly from life to produce lively sketches and paintings of the sitters, producing a spirited style of work. 

She values capturing the likeness and expression in her finished portraits choosing colour and brushwork to evoke a mood, in an attempt to draw in and hold the viewer. Her work has an expression of both skill and confidence, to seize a moment, which is evident in each final piece. 

The importance of an eye-catching composition, followed by accurate values in shadow and light are components held steadfast in whatever she paints and draws, be it portraiture, still life, or landscape. She prefers always to work from life when possible. 

Stephanie spends many hours each week in a shared creative space, in her studio in Midland, which provides a wonderful opportunity to produce consistent work, but more importantly, where she communes with fellow artists.



Perth, Western Australia 

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Mobile: +61 419 947803

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