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New Shoes

Sunday, 28 August 2016

Continuing on with my love/hate relationship of Acrylic paint I have produce this piece I've named New Shoes as she seems to be very aware of them here, as we do.  I think I've finished... which may be a strange thing to say, but as all artists say, "is anything ever really finished"?  I'll rest on it for a while while starting another. I like to place it at a distance and walk around it and passed it frequently and let the errors jump out at me.  I highly recommend this way of looking at your work for self-critique. I've decided to listen to opera while I paint and I think it's helping. Carmen, my favourite. Who knew. 

I wanted to do this canvas in a more painterly style but I think i've arrived at the conclusion that oil paint is best used for this type of painting.  The acrylics are great for the hard edge graphic type work, but for me I simply can't get it to spread easily enough, to make the strokes more instantaneous.  I had to restrain myself from painting over it with oils.  I still might.  Note:  this is possible, however you can't paint acrylics over oil in case you didn't know. Disaster long term.  So. any acrylic users out there with some tips, please forward, as its' becoming a bit of an emergency now.  By the way, I've found a really good brush cleaner called INCREDIBLE BRUSH CLEANER (go figure) by Chroma.  You can buy it online

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